Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A watched pot ...

A watched pot ...

A watched pot never boils
A judged person never changes

A watched pot ...

A watched pot never boils
A judge person never changes

In life, you can only make a difference.

In life, you can only make a difference.  

You can't not make a difference.  Your body sends out heat waves and your brain, electrical energy.  Every time you act, serve, smile, laugh, speak, write, hug ... you have an impact.  You're always making a difference.  See what happens when you practice conscious awareness of the differences you are making.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed in

Snowed in ... well mildly

Slow din ... well smilingly

Load in the momentum juice
eyes ready to waken

Shake out of the dullness
heal completely this illness
whose gauzey like the fluff
of white noise
annoys and keeps me from


There's a spirit of digging in the snow

"There's a spirit of digging in the snow 

that brings us to a more likely place of happier cooperation. 

We help each other get unstuck in an environment of magic flakes."

Monday, December 27, 2010

Stand Up and Find the Object

If I am sitting on the couch and notice an object I thought was immediately closeby, seems now to have gone missing, I tell myself: "Stand up!" 

My ego argues back: " ... no just lift up your butt, feel under the cushions, lift the pieces of paper on the table, feel around, don't disturb your own comfortable seating arrangement." 

The longer I listen to my ego the more I delay finding the object.

Standing up, forces myself to a different perspective, access to logical sequencing and helpful memories.  Using this approach, I invariably find the object much more quickly (whether indeed it IS between the pillows or actually much further away).

Getting off your ass/ not taking the bait of comforting your ego, helps you improve your act by doing what works.

Stand up and find what is important to you.