Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hours Together? Hours Alone?

As a Life and Business Coach, it is my practice to encourage each of us to stretch, to grow, to make bold assertions of the possible positive and to laugh in the face of Monkey Minds (including our own) telling us "it's no use - give up". 

I am nearly always listening to others, relating to their suffering, sitting (or walking) with them and patiently allowing the invisible force of truth to set them free.I steer clear of negative judgments and most opinions I might have unless I am asked for my opinion. THEN when there IS a break in the negativity - a sigh, a laugh a peaceful wave of understanding THEN I might converse in a way that conveys to them:

You CAN do what you want to do.  What ARE you going to do and ... by when?  Push, Push, Push!

Now it's my turn.

I feel deeply discouraged from time to time that all my forays into internet communication and internet marketing (including THIS entry) produce merely a dribble and, are in real terms, counter productive - costing more in time, money and emotion than they are worth.

Coach.  Take coaching.  Your loved ones (some with MBA's) are asking you to please publish, riff, expound, put it out there.

OK.  I will. (grunt push push push)

Last entry was about creating a Community called "Hours Together".

I'm putting 10 hours in this experimental bank right now.

And you?

Will you put in 10 hours too.

How does this work?  What is your dream come true?

My dream come true to is continue the momentum I have built over the last 29 years in serving people with love and attention and creating positive results in their lives and businesses.

Is this something you want?

Would you "chip in" 10 hours of internet marketing to help me?

Would you forward this article to get one person "signed up" so we get our charter 8 individuals to grow

Hours Together?

Will you construct a button on my website ( that makes this blog an inseparable part of my website?

Will you introduce me to a speaking engagement where participants are open and ready to create more happiness and success in their lives?

Would you like to offer 10 hours of YOUR talent?

Your contributions in art, repairs, driving, babysitting, home repairs, computer repair, car repair cooking, cleaning?

Call or write and let me know.

Love and kindness to all,

Rob Kanzer (617) 491-8939;


  1. Fascinating idea, this Community Exchange concept. Has your blog generated much interest?

  2. Thanks Garnet. Nice to hear from you. Among people close to me Yes, there is a lot of interest. We've "just now" started to "go public" with the idea.

    We are (I am) looking for technical help in getting the "word out" to thousands of people in Maine, NH and Massachusetts AND the "technical handling of the "exchange" set up.

    So, Yes
    I am in need of this kind of technical help.

    Oops time for dinner.

    Any ideas you would care to contribute, technical assistance and/or real life stories are welcome.

    With love and light to all,


    Hope to be back on line tonight or tomorrow.