Monday, November 29, 2010

No tice?

You blog to get it "out there". You love to get it "in there".
Here, there and everywhere, be kind and find the joy in living. - Rob Kanzer

Hello out there. It's me here.

My on-going experiment in trading hours ("Hours Together") found yours truly living in a state of bliss this evening. Giving my time to a wonderful woman named Amy who is really enjoying our time together in the coaching mode is a gift to the both of us.

We sit and chat some and then I interrupt and ask her: Did you notice what just happened?

You smiled Amy. Can you feel that?

What's that you say? You're becoming conscious of how often you say what you
DON'T want.

You ask: Why is it so difficult to state things in the positive?

I introduce Amy to a noticing game. Whenever she thinks of speaks using the word "not or any version of "n't" (don't, can't, won't ..., ) to simply notice the "experience" of thinking and speaking (tense? energized?)

What happens Amy, when you change the sentence into the positive?

What you DO want?
What you CAN do?
What you WILL do?

Try this game for 15 minutes and see what happens.

I think everyone I've introduced this game to has been somewhat amazed and opened up to new helpful approaches in thinking and speaking.

Care to give it a try?  (Or want me to explain further?)

Let me know what happens.  I think you WILL find it worthwhile (*** smile ***)

Love and light to all,

Rob Life and Business Coach Kanzer

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